17th April — 4th June 2016

The RELATIONSHIP-FOCUSED Journaling Course is a 7-week, reflective writing practice that focuses on an important relationship in your life. During the course, guided questions and short essays will help you deeply explore this relationship and learn about yourself. The relationship will provide the field of self-improvement and writing will be your tool.

What kind of relationship can I choose to write about?
This relationship can be challenging, even hard to endure, with pain and tears. In this case, the journal will support you in dealing with the pain of the past, as well as helping you to find your way of coping with the present. Maybe the relationship is the opposite to this: you have a loving relationship with a dear person that you would like to nourish and keep. Then the course will guide you through a process that enables you to cherish this connection by getting to know yourself better.

During this course, you will explore in writing yourself and your connection to someone close to you:

Please choose one relationship you would like to investigate for the next 7 weeks. Just be specific and concentrate on one. The best would be an active relationship with someone who you meet daily or on a regular basis.

What’s the reason for using journaling as my tool?

All these benefits can greatly improve relationships. Try the therapeutic benefits of journaling and join me by subscribing to the RELATIONSHIP-FOCUSED Journaling Course. You can join any time by subscribing to this site.


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The Methodology of the Course

You will receive daily questions (49 altogether).

Why? Because guided questions will support participants and ensure they always have something to write about. The daily emails with writing prompts serve as reminders and help keep the journaling habit rolling.

A different focus for each week with a short essay introducing the topic.

Why? To learn to write with a focus as well as explore the major areas of a relationship.

  1. The starting point.
  2. Self-talk.
  3. My appreciation of this person.
  4. Hidden factors to consider: expectations, presumptions, beliefs.
  5. Compassion.
  6. Assertiveness.
  7. Harvesting the learning points of the course.

Seven weeks long.

Why? Because I find short-time commitments easier to stick to and I would like to provide this journaling experience for many of you as well. So try to write every day for seven weeks, and don’t mind if you miss a day or two.

Every week you will reread your writing.

Why? Because this is how learning about yourself through writing is incorporated into the course. The 7th day of each week is dedicated to harvesting your key learning points from the previous week. This is achieved by rereading the entries from the first 6 days of the week.

Space for comments (or journal entries)

Why? Because it’s just an experiment of how social journaling can develop. We’ll see. You will read my daily journal entries for sure. On orzola.org, you may share any of your experiences with the course as a comment. You can write a journal entry, an insight you gained from writing or give feedback about the course. Anything related to the daily question that participants would like to share with others is always welcome!

Join me by subscribing to the RELATIONSHIP-FOCUSED Journaling Course. You can join any time by subscribing to this site. Let me share this journey with you.


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How much time does it take per day to participate?

As much as you devote to it. You may write one word, one paragraph or an essay each day. It’s up to you. It’s your work, and you do it for yourself.

Do I need to write on paper or online?

It’s up to you. Get a notebook, write the daily question in it, and start writing with our good old friend, the pen. I will certainly write with a pen in this printed journal, too. Or open a document, type your thoughts and save it for later. I do that many times, too. If you are planning to share your entries on this site, though, please type—and not scan—your work. Thank you.

How many emails will I get from you during the course?

During the 7-week course, you will get 49 emails altogether. That is one per day. Most of them will only include one question or writing exercise with my journal entries. However, I will send a couple of related short essays, too.

How much does it cost?

Online journaling courses on this site are FREE.

Can I join later than 17th April?

Yes, of course. You may decide to only journal about the topic of a specific week. Alternatively, maybe you have found the course later than 17th April. Either way, just join in and follow along. All previous questions can be found here, so you can write about them at a later date as well.

Is this the first course offered on this site?

No, this is the second. Here you can read a review of the first course. (This course was focused on helping participants to create the journaling habit: all 49 posts of the START JOURNALING course).

Feedback about the START JOURNALING course:

“For me, it was a great experience to start journaling, write each day a few sentences for a specific topic. It was easy and exciting. My favourite part was the observation of my language. It helped me to be more conscious in how to talk to my colleagues.”

How can I participate?

You can subscribe to the course by subscribing to this site. You can unsubscribe any time during the course.


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