The Relationship Journal

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· 7-week journal focusing on an important relationship.

· 7 inspirational essays and 49 daily questions.

· A5 size, 132 pages, 120 gr premium paper, hard cover, malinovka design.

· GIFT: a bookmark.


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Product Description

What kind of a relationship?

  • You choose the person: spouse, partner, child, parent, relative, friend, colleague, boss or neighbor; anybody you have an active relationship with that you would like to explore.
  • This relationship can be challenging, even hard to endure, with pain and tears. In this case, the journal will support you in dealing with the pain of the past, as well as helping you to find your way of coping in the present.
  • Maybe the relationship is opposite to this: you have a loving relationship with a dear person that you would like to nourish and keep. This journal will guide you through a process that enables you to cherish this connection by getting to know yourself better.
  • There are countless relationships in between these two extremes, it is your decision which one you would like to devote your time and energy to.


The journal includes:

  • A contract with yourself about your commitment to writing in this journal.
  • 7 short essays at the beginning of each week.
    • Understanding the present state of this relationship.
    • Exploring self-talk in this relationship.
    • Enhancing your listening skills and your appreciation of this person.
    • Observing presumptions, expectations and beliefs.
    • Developing compassion toward this person.
    • Practicing assertiveness in this relationship.
    • Harvesting the learning points of this 7 weeks.
  • One question to be explored for each of the 49 days.
  • A free gift: a bookmark to help ensure you don’t lose your place.


Send the journal as a gift

  • Do you have a friend who is into journaling?
  • Do you know somebody who would like to start journaling?
  • Can you think of someone who would be happy to receive this journal?
  • Do you have a friend who is struggling in a relationship?
  • Do you know somebody who wants to strengthen the bond of her / his relationship?

In any of these cases, this journal is a great was to let your friends and loved ones know you care. Send this journal as a gift and I will ship it to the provided address with a card saying it is from you.


Read an excerpt of the journal here:

Listening – week 03

Relationships are based on communication and much can be improved by developing the listening skill. Actively, truly listening to someone can nourish a relationship by giving our scarcest resource to this person – our full attention. Observe your listening and make some notes about it. In the following week test your listening skill with the daily focus given and write about your experience.

Day 1: Observe yourself in a conversation: Am I listening or thinking about what to say next?

Day 2: Observe yourself in a conversation: Ask how she / he feels at the moment and listen with compassion to the answer.

Day 3: Observe yourself in a conversation: Can I listen and wait till the other person finishes?

Day 4: Observe yourself in a conversation: Can I withhold my opinion and rather ask a question to understand the situation better?

Day 5: Observe yourself in a conversation: Can I repeat with my own words what I heard (without judgement or interpretation)?

Day 6: Give an honest, positive feedback to this person.

Day 7: Rereading my notes from the past week. What were the three most important learning points of this week?


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2 reviews for The Relationship Journal

  1. 5 out of 5


    I’m very grateful for the material of the journal. First, it helped to make journaling a daily routine, second, it supported me in dealing with my relationships more consciously. I have noticed several small details in my conduct that I could change positively in my love relationship. I’m waiting for the new topics. :)

  2. 5 out of 5


    Journaling about an important relationship is a great way to get to know our self better. This journal includes seven simple essays to help us stay in focus from one day to the other. The one week one topic structure allows us to deeply understand our feelings and helps us to deal with our pains and conflicts.

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