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Beginners Journal
Beginners – Journal
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· 7-week journal focusing on starting journaling.

· 7 inspirational essays and 49 daily questions.

· A5 size, 132 pages, 115 gr recycled paper, hard cover, malinovka design.

· GIFT: a bookmark.

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Product Description

Are you new to journaling? Always wanted to journal but didn’t know how to start?

This journal is for you if you would like to learn how to:

  • Capture events and stories in a journal.
  • Ventilate about daily happenings by writing them down.
  • Support personal development endeavors by journaling.


What are the benefits of keeping a journal?

  • Scientific research has proved that daily writing reduces stress.
  • Journaling increases awareness of thoughts and emotions.
  • Writing brings clarity into life–enabling you to see goals and purpose and realize dreams.
  • Writing a journal improves memory and learning capabilities.
  • The journal is a therapist: it is always there to listen to emotional outbursts, daily concerns, and griefs of the past. It sets you free from the negative effects.


The journal includes:

  • A contract with yourself about your commitment to writing in this journal.
  • 7 short essays at the beginning of each week. These help with:
    • Learning when and how to write, as well as for how long for.
    • Capturing emotions in writing.
    • Capturing thoughts in writing.
    • Raising body awareness by journaling.
    • How to manage the fear of the blank page?
    • Recording speech in a journal.
    • Harvesting the learning points gained from these 7 weeks.
  • One question to be explored each of the 49 days the journal runs for.
  • A free gift: a bookmark to help ensure you don’t lose your place.


Send the journal as a gift

  • Do you have a friend who is into journaling?
  • Do you know somebody who would like to start journaling?
  • Can you think of someone who would be happy to receive this journal?

In any of these cases, this journal is a great way to let your friends and loved ones know you care. Send this journal as a gift and I will ship it to the provided address with a card saying it is from you.


Read an excerpt of the journal here:

How to write or some rules of thumb – week 01

If you are writing sentences, there is one rule to keep in mind: always use the first person. “I thought, I felt, I did…” The writing is about yourself, not in general or not about another person. So have your words reflect this.

If you miss a day, no problem. Go ahead, leave that page empty and write on the next. It is important to keep moving ahead for two reasons: maybe you subconsciously do not want to answer that particular question, and by leaving it out does not make you be stuck for a long time at that day, and also there is a flow in the process, the seven weeks are designed to be completed in this given time, so spending days on one question elongates this process too much. Learn to accept your forgetful side as well.

Day 1: What was my first thought in the morning?

Day 2: What do I look forward to in my day?

Day 3: Who did I meet today?

Day 4: What questions did this day bring?

Day 5: What was my last thought in the evening?

Day 6: Why was this day different from other days?

Day 7: Rereading my notes from the past week. What were the three most important learning points of this week?


Additional Information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 200 x 150 x 10 mm

3 reviews for Beginner’s Journal

  1. 5 out of 5


    It was a great experience to start journaling, writing each day a few sentences for a specific topic. I’m a technical guy, still it was a pleasure to grab a pen and write in a “real” journal instead of some virtual document:)

  2. 5 out of 5


    “When I first heard about the focused writing course I became inspired. I’d had a diary earlier but the goal of this was to de-stress by writing everything down that was on my mind
    The Beginner’s Journal taught me to write with a focus. It was important and new. At the beginning, my mind started to ’fly’ and I was really on another topic by the end. The summary day always put me back to the right way because at the end of the week, I always had to read back on my previous six days and clarify/summarize them. It helped me to stay focused and concentrate on how to solve my problem.
    It also encouraged me to be able to act after finishing the journal, because I had to write continuously about my focus from different aspects which forced me to find solutions.
    My focus was to find myself again. Last year, one of my good friends suddenly died and I was in the middle of a difficult flat renovation as well as working hard. I felt that I was not good enough to solve these situations because my feelings blocked my energies. The journal helped me to find myself again and give energy to ’create’ a new life. The additional positive point was that I restarted drawing. Sometimes my thoughts came faster than my hand, which is why I always drew a summary at the end too.
    I cannot write every day yet. I still have to learn it but I am sure that I will restart this Journal with a new focus. It is a good thing to have travel around with me. I am really thankful that I met Orsi and I gave this journal a try. It came at a good time.”

  3. :

    A new review by Jade, a multi-award nominated Parenting ‘Fifestyle’ (Family & Lifestyle) blogger: http://rachelbustin.com/lifestyle/a-orsolya-hernold-guided-journal-review/

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