Why does this journaling course focus on relationships?

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

I would like to live a good life. I would like to stay healthy, enjoy my time with my kids as they grow up, see them start and live their lives, spend my days with my loved ones in good company, live in decent circumstances. I would like to spare myself from illness, pain, grief and unhappiness. Quite simple. How about you? Although I know I can’t escape all of my life’s trials and tribulations, I still have this vision of myself growing old and wish that I will be content with the good life I have spent on planet Earth.

As I look around this wish is in sharp contrast with my everyday experience. I see my friends and family members, some struggling with a hideous divorce process, others can’t relate to one another after decades of living together. Many times communication goes awry between people who do actually love each other. Before you ask, I have included myself on this list, too, I’m yet to find my way to my mom that is more like me.

As I look around, I feel powerless and impotent—how can I help my friend in her dark hours when she doesn’t see the way out of loving a man who left her? As a coach and trainer who believes in self-improvement, how can I empower and teach relatives about communication that conveys the message we intend to give? Can I help at all anybody to find that meadow of the good life that we are promised as children?

Maybe not.

But I use journaling for 20 years now and have experienced its positive effects on my relationships. It’s time to share this knowledge.

As this video about the longest social survey in history statistically proves that a good life is built on good relationships, I chose to focus my second journaling course on relationships. To help you create the good life you wish for.


The clearest message that we get from this 75-year study is this: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.”

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