Obstacles of learning – destructive labels of the past (part 2)

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

I have already written about having people in my life who believed in me. I’m ever grateful for their support, for their push so that I could go further than I could imagine, for putting labels on me of encouragement and love. Maybe you didn’t have those people at the right moments in your life. Maybe you even had people who hindered your development. How could they?

Parents, teachers, bosses, doctors–anybody of authority can have a huge influence on our development, on our way of coping in life. The good thing is that we can identify their influence and if necessary, rewrite those messages or labels that we were given at a sensitive time in our lives.

As today’s writing prompt, we concentrate on these messages or labels. First, try to remember them. Recall your memories of your parents, teachers, bosses–anybody who you looked up to. Some suggestions for a start:

Probably these sentences are filled with emotions and hard to face. They can be the starting points of self-destruction and act as self-fulfilling prophecies. Now look at them again, and ask yourself: is this true about me? Where in my life do I find evidence that proves it to be true? Is there any evidence that proves it to be false?

This exercise is powerful in itself–by becoming conscious of messages or labels that influence our lives. If you want to take another step, then ask yourself: what healing and reassuring sentence can I change it to? How does it feel to say the opposite? Now take those reassuring sentences with you in your purse and read them to yourself every time you open it. At home, practice saying them out loud. Give yourself the chance to live to your fullest potential without interference from the past.


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