Obstacles of learning – our tempting comfort zone (part 1)

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

This site is dedicated to learning about yourself through daily writing, through journaling with a specific focus. To explore your thoughts, feelings, reactions, behavior in different situations. To understand and accept the beautiful person you are by getting to know yourself better. And as with all learning aspirations, we can encounter obstacles on the way.

As a trainer, I have introduced the concept of “leaving your comfort zone” to many training groups. The comfort zone is your routine, your “good old way” of doing things. You know everything there, there are no surprises. But neither there is learning. Two things can push you out of your comfort zone: your inner motivation or outside coercion. I would like to appeal to the first one. Leave your comfort zone, try something new and write down your experience! Choose a new route to work, change the order of your morning routine, use the word “love” at least three times a day, join the START JOURNALING course… Anything which is not usual.

My experience is that my comfort zone is cosy and tempting, whether it is exercising or speaking my words to a colleague or my worry over my son’s wellbeing. My self-talk is something like this:

And there are times when I curl up in my comfort zone and sleep in, keep quiet and forbid my child to climb too high.

Think of something for yourself and leave your comfort zone. This once, try it out!

If you get the heck of it, do not stop, keep it on. Have a comfort zone leaving exercise every day. The START JOURNALING course can be a great support in your experiments, join me!


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