New Year – new change (part 1)

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

I like starting the new year with changing something in my life – how about you? I invite you this year to START JOURNALING for 7 weeks with me in my new journaling course¹. This would be a small change in your daily life, but still means you are changing. Let me dig deeper into the concept of change, maybe this way I can support you in making this shift in your life, this year, in 2016.


The prerequisites for changing – part 1

Changing oneself–a personality aspect, a habit, an old way of thinking or anything else–can be a great endeavor. Having said that I see the concept of change to develop in my head to be a heavy burden, a weight that can barely be lifted or an endless road ahead. If I look at it this way, I’d rather not change but stick to my cozy, well-known self and live happily ever after. If the same thing happens to you, then please forget my first sentence, and try to answer these questions instead:

Please try to write your answers! It’s a form of preparation for the journaling course. You can try to get into the habit of writing while you explore your concepts behind this word.


My definition stemming from my experiences would be: my change is made up of rather small, persistent steps that I repeat obstinately over and over for long periods of time.


If you would like, you can add your own definition as a comment. I will continue to focus on change in tomorrow’s post.



  1. You can subscribe for the course by editing your subscription and adding to your current newsletter subscription a START JOURNALING course subscription (the link is at the bottom of each newsletter). You can unsubscribe any time during the course.



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