New Year – new change (part 3)

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

The prerequisites for changing (part 3)

Change is immensely eased with support from somebody. If you have a friend to whom you are accountable to, then you have set your feet on that road already. This person (can be your partner, your sibling, your teacher, your parent, anybody you choose, of course) can encourage, motivate, be a reminder or just a shoulder to lean on at harder times. If you are considering taking part in the 7-week START JOURNALING course, the small change of writing daily which this course implies will be much eased if you have a support from somebody.

Role models can also provide the needed drive to start the change project. My role models with this blog are the teachers who devoted time to my development–their selfless support and care for me are serious building blocks of my self-confidence.

Do not feel that you are alone when you would like to change. There is an infinite resource you can tap, pay a little extra attention for the preparation phase and it will pay off in the long run. And be open to being on the other side: is there anyone you can support in a changing effort? Can you be a role model for someone?


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