New Year – new change (part 2)

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

The prerequisites for changing (part 2)

After exploring the concept of changing oneself, I would like to focus now on the preparation we can make before we set out on a change project. The preparation and the setting of the right environment not only tunes us in the mood for change but also preconditions our mind for our goal in question. Taking part in the 7-week START JOURNALING¹ course will be much eased if you consider these beforehand.


We can do much to prepare for change beforehand. For instance, at a coaching session, my goal is to get my client well–because if she / he is not well, then the change we are prepared to make will not happen. Being well is a prerequisite for a positive change to happen and as a coach my job is to support my client to finding that place of “being well”. Being well doesn’t mean that everything around is sunshine and happy–rather there is an objective analysis of the situation present with its advantages and its hardships. This is then a place from where change can emerge.

Creating the suitable environment

I can make lists of different environments for different learning opportunities (studying for an exam, reading a book, learning to use a new software, etc.), in all cases, the quality of my learning is significantly influenced by my learning environment I created beforehand. If I am in a good mental, emotional and physical condition, my surrounding is nourishing, learning is happening seamlessly. I take great care in creating cozy, friendly environments at my trainings or coaching sessions because I know I have done half the work already beforehand.

Now explore your learning environments in your journal.

If you are reading my posts, you know I would like to inspire you to write in order to get to know yourself better. It is a self-development course you are doing with me which involves a lot of learning. Pay attention to providing yourself a learning environment that you defined to be the best, most suitable for yourself. Feel the comfort and the heed you gave yourself and enjoy!


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