The purpose of my blog

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

I have been writing already about one of the goals of this blog: to share my experience with journaling, with observing my life with focus and making notes about them. Yes, this is one of my goals. And there is another one–I believe that focused writing, the awareness I gained during these years have made a better person of me. What is “being good” mean for me? Leading a conscious, benevolent life would be my answer. So what if I dream big and foresee a world of good people? It is a great purpose, isn’t it?

What is conscious?

For me, consciousness means that my life is based on my own choices. You may object that is not so difficult. But here is what I mean: I do things not because my parents did the same, but because I decide to do them. I strive to make choices regardless of ads, expectations or habits. I know I’m not independent of people’s opinions, social expectations or experiences of my childhood, but I focus on discovering my own values, priorities, likes and dislikes and act according to them.

If I have a problem, I know that is only the tip of the iceberg: I have all my emotions, values, intentions, interests, attitudes, needs, perceptions, preconceptions in that problem, and my decisions leading to the solution are also based on them. So I aim to identify those underlying factors and have a broader perspective of my choices in life.

What is benevolent?

For me, benevolent is well-intended when I mean no harm to the other or myself (ahimsa in Sanskrit). And yes, it still sometimes ends up with hurting someone or ourselves. But I intended to be kind or empathetic. Being benevolent does not mean to be perfect, I would rather emphasize striving to be good.

I would go beyond “no harm” in the physical sense since most of us are not harmful to others (or ourselves) physically. I would include that I have “no evil in my thoughts” (Confucius), do not wish somebody / something or myself bad, do not gossip about people, I’m honest in difficult situations and I practice these in my life. And you can see my list of challenges in the previous sentence.


So if you would like, come with me on this conscious and benevolent journey, and share with me your experiences. There is a lot we can learn from each other.



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