The power of questions

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

I regard questions to be the best learning tools. I believe everyone has a question that can open her / him up, give inspiration, initiate and motivate. I use this blog to pose questions of all kind in the hope that all of you, my readers, find at least one question formulated right for you. A question that starts you on a new journey liberates and inspires. Questions have certainly given me these experiences.

I have led hundreds of interviews and coaching sessions where I guided my client or an applicant through a series of questions. My job was (and I believe still is) to pose the most suitable question to either get the best picture of the candidate or to give the most efficient support.

What is a good question like? A good question has a matching good answer. A good question opens doors in you and puts you in the thinking, reflecting and conscious mode. A good question is with you for days and keeps coming back to your thoughts.


Look around you–can you pass on this experience and give someone a good question? Choose a topic from below and use it during the holidays: question relatives you only meet during these times, old friends who have known you for long and could give precious insights about you or family members who might be surprised at your new inquiry. Play with questions this season!


Who could I help with a good question about…


Play with questions and jot them (and the answers) down to save them for later! They are door-openers and responses can surprise you–in how awesome and deep they can be. Also, invite others to pose you questions they long wanted to know. Question and be open to being questioned. It helps to stay vigorous.


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