My ideal day practice

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

Couple years ago I was given the exercise to write about my ideal day. I liked the idea so much that I wrote 6 different days, all of them being ideal for some reason. My teacher told me later that once she committed to write every morning for a year how her ideal day would be like. And this experience transformed her life. Wow, I could not think of a better fitting exercise for me, I thought. Let me pass this on to you, too.

This year, I started to write every morning (weekdays) how I would like my day to happen, how I wish it unfold. First I thought it will be no different than making a plan for the day, but I found that it is rather focused on value instead of performance. For me planning and goals are words connected to work and achievement, while the word “ideal” is a desired, imagined outcome that sets emotions, wishes, dreams in motion as well.

Since January I wrote about 200 ideal days. All different and yet, the essence in all of them is the same. The quality of my relationship with my partner, Zoli, and my children, writing posts and researching for my blog, exercise (yoga or jogging), good sleep. Ideal days have these five ingredients, everything else is just seasoning.

You might commit to follow and try this exercise. It will show what really counts in your life and helps you to focus. Great goals for a new year! Some questions to help you:


Be careful not to disappoint yourself. My ideal days are grounded in reality–yet imagining the best possible scenario for that day. But I am pretty sure that the same basic ingredients would be part of an ideal day in the Caribbean, too.


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