Finding a valuable gift for someone special

Post written by Orsolya Hernold


It’s the time of the year when I’m pretty sure many of us are thinking of gifts. What would be a good gift for my partner, my kid, my parent, my friend? What would make them happy? What could bring something special, valuable to their lives?


I recently recalled a very special gift I prepared for my best friend for her wedding. I wanted it to be personalized, having a long-term positive effect on her life, and supporting her in the new life phase of becoming a wife (and a mom). So I prepared her a journal–as you might have guessed. The journal didn’t have dates on the pages, so she had the liberty of starting anytime, pausing and returning to it. On all pages, I wrote either a quote, a poem, or a question to inspire her to write. I believed this is the most I can give her: an incentive to spend time with herself while being in a relationship, the experience of the transformative power of writing, a present that will be valuable even in decades. Well, she liked the gift but hasn’t written in it so far (12 years passed). The lessons I learned: acceptance and being more attentive. Other people have different paths from mine and that is fine. Since then when I’m planning to prepare a gift I concentrate more on the recipient than on myself (you bet, I would have been thrilled to receive this journal).


So this post’s questions are about the person you would like to give your present to, not yourself. Learn from my example and make this point clear. Consider your answers to these questions when you choose your gift.


Now, it’s time for me to give you a gift. It is a question I would like to share with you as my present to you this holiday season. This question I got from my teacher years ago and it still acts as a guiding principle in my life.


Imagine that you meet an angel, a fairy or any legendary creature you can easily accept for this mental exercise. You get to ask one question from her / him, and she / he must give an honest and thorough answer. You can ask anything! What would be your question, a question that can influence your whole life? Take a moment to think.




My question at the time when I first heard this exercise was to ask next week’s winning numbers of the lottery. I was fixed on financial abundance, obviously.


Later, my teacher gave me a question that demonstrated a much more meaningful, a more powerful and helpful solution for this exercise I still carry with me and now I pass it on to you:


What do I need to do to be happy in my life?


And yes, you don’t need a fairy to ask it from. Take time during the holidays to think or write about this question, will you?







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