Advanced’s guide to journaling (part 6)

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

What would my guidebook about myself  say?


What if you are already a journal-guru? Can you find anything valuable on this site? Let me share with you a powerful writing session, so readers with more experience also benefit from reading my posts.

I like starting a new journal with an important issue or a topic yet unexplored. I leave out a couple of pages at the beginning, then I can refer back to this topic during the weeks / months while my journal lasts. Today I have this advanced challenge for you: write a guidebook about yourself. Journaling is a powerful tool in self-development, and the guidebook you prepare can be a solid foundation you can build on.

You have spent your whole life with this person (yourself), but do you really know her / him? You can write a CV, but can you write a guidebook about yourself for your partner or a colleague?

I suggest some areas for a start and then I will go deeper in them in later posts. Feel free to have your own questions–what do you want to know about yourself? These answers can be lists or you can write sentences. Remember, writing about yourself in the first person in a sentence is more powerful. Mind your audience – even though it’s unlikely that you let anyone read your journal, a guidebook for your love or your colleague will surely include different topics.


For a start, I suggest choosing one question you are most comfortable with and elaborate. Come back to it another day and see if you have missed something. Complete until it feels right, then choose another one. The answers to these questions are powerful findings of yourself–so have a distinct place for them: you might use the beginning or the end of your daily journal for this purpose because then it is simpler to come back to them. Or you can have a separate journal reserved for these questions. Also, note that they can change over time–and that is OK. Enjoy rereading, for example, your values of last year and watch what stayed and what does not make the list anymore.

The purpose of this post was to provide a peek into the vast possibilities journaling provides in self-development. To deepen your search, I suggest my posts on self-image.

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