My teachers

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

I’ve mentioned my teachers a couple times already, it’s time to devote a post to them. I’ve just read through my life story (an assignment I got from L. to prepare) and I saw how much influence they had on my life.

My HR mentor

She started off my career in this field by recommending me for my first job as an HR assistant. She continued to watch my climbing the ladder and was always open for a chat, gave support in making hard decisions and accepted even my most unrealistic plan as feasible. She is a role model for being a mirror in a conversation–letting her partner come up with a solution without intruding with advice.

My yoga teacher

I attended her classes for over 10 years. I did Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Hidden Language Yoga, Dream Yoga with her, participated at several workshops, satsang and learned Indian dances, too. I encountered yoga through her teachings as a spiritual philosophy and not as a form of exercise or fitness. Her patience in teaching let me do the exploration without being presented with ready-made answers and the experience-focused method kept me motivated to finding out more, always trying to dig deeper. My yoga journals showed me that I can tackle a thought without fully understanding its meaning and since then I accept experiences beyond the scope of my conscious mind.


I can’t put a label on him, it wouldn’t suit our relationship. He could put my thoughts to words. He taught me the significance of keeping a journal, introduced me to focused writing. Many topics I address in my posts have their roots in our talks (joy journal, abundance journal, the power of questions, and many more), he was the one who said: just change one thing–start writing about yourself–and your whole life changes. His belief in me has a great part in my self-confidence.


I could go on, my math teacher in primary school, my English teacher in high school, my host mom in the States, my boss in Liberia… I captured their lessons in my life story and I’m glad that I did. This way it’s easier to keep reminding myself of the responsibility of passing on their teachings I was fortunate to receive.


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