Beginner’s guide to journaling (part 5)

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

Hardships in keeping the habit of writing about yourself


You are probably committed to writing since you are still reading my posts, but somehow it is not working for you. You forget to write, you forget your focus, you miss out days, weeks, months. This can happen and it is alright. Life is busy, I also forget to jot down wisecracks of my children I would like to save for the future.

What can you do?

• Choose another focus – maybe this one is too big, too small, too vague, too general or too fearful to face. Try to be specific and short. Your focus should be something you long want to solve, face or explore, a topic that excites you enough not to forget about it in your busy life.

• Change from paper to digital, from evening to morning (or vice versa) – be flexible with when and how you write. Maybe you have a romantic notion about writing in a notebook, but you spend your whole day on your computer and phone, it is time to look for a suitable app!

• Commit for shorter text – write only words or one sentence.

• Set a goal of a minimum period – 5 days or a week? What works for you?

• Celebrate – you reached your goal, give yourself a gift. You have made the first step towards self-knowledge, so you deserve it.

Be patient with yourself, give yourself a break if it is just not happening. Come back to it later and give it a try again. Maybe this work is not for you, you have another path. That is perfect, too.

If you feel that a printed journal with guided questions for beginners could help:

JOURNAL – My focus: Start Journaling

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