A belated third quarter account

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

The rain is pouring for days here in Budapest, and my mood has been plaintive and gray similarly for weeks. Some previous and coming posts have reflected / will reflect that, you’ll see. Why? First, I’m a bit energy-depleted, started to work for a training company to make money to invest in new journals, in some publicity to get my message to more people. But really and plainly said, I fear that I have failed. The end of the year is getting closer, a decision has to be made about the future of the blog that I dread to make.

On the bright side of the last 3 months, I’m honored to be able to join themindfulword.org as a contributing writer. I share some of my articles here on the blog as well, but you can also visit them directly to have access to all my publications.

My twitter following has grown to almost 100, I appreciate all the interactions happening there. A couple of weeks ago I started to share my older posts as daily topics with one question highlighted to focus on. If you are interested in posts from the beginning of this year, follow here.

I put together a second journal, now for beginners. It is a step by step guide to someone new to the journaling experience. As with the first printed journal about an important relationship, this journal also includes inspirational essays and 49 daily questions for a seven-week writing session. It will be available in my journal store from November.

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Thank you for your attention and care.


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