The summer with my kids

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

From the 11-week extreme long Hungarian summer vacation, I spent 6 weeks with my kids at home. Last summer I wanted to control their holiday time, organized events, invited friends over, this summer I chose to trust them and provide them more unstructured time.

There were times I was stressed due to lack of sleep (working at night on my first printed journal and my journal store), but apart from two breakdowns–meaning losing my control with them–the summer with my kids was quiet, rather idle with not much happening.

What have I learned from these six weeks?


Most of the time I did not interfere with what they chose to do. So our summer was also about watching videos and playing on a device–activities they do not have much time to do during the school year. (I still need to contemplate about my decision to let them do these two activities, I do not have a solution acceptable for everyone yet.) Meanwhile, they consistently came back to two self-initiated projects: reading an adventure series about a brave mouse (5 books completed during the summer break) and teaching my daughter (the younger one) how to play all the strategic board games we have at home. Without any intervention from me they chose two activities that they both enjoyed and I would have encouraged them to do.


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