The buzzword: motivation (part 1)

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

We hear this word “motivation” a lot nowadays, especially at work. Have you ever wondered where your motivation comes from? What is it in the first place? By definition, motivation is the reason why we do something or behave in a certain way. But what is the source? Why am I motivated to do something (like writing this post) and why am I reluctant to do something else (like cooking something)? Is my motivation solid and long lasting or is it volatile and short-lived? Exploring your motivation and its changes in time or in different situations is a great step you can make in getting to know yourself, would you join me in this quest?

The reasons for doing things can be numerous, try to come up with your own list, here are some examples:

The sources for the above-mentioned actions are intrinsic. This inner motivation is easily tapped and is inexhaustible. However, the source for feeling motivated can come from the outside world as well:

In this case, the sources for motivation are external, I may or may not have an influence on them, although they influence my life.

Observe yourself in the next couple of days, write where your motivation comes from!

Motivation can be cultivated, but first it needs to be recognized: identify what motivation is for you. What kind of motivating force do you wish to develop? Is there a motivating force you wish to dismantle not to influence your life anymore?


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