What is my self-image like?

Post written by Orsolya Hernold


The school is around the corner, and recently I recalled my son’s mid-term assessment. Assessments in his school contain a detailed description of his life in school, his work in the different classes, his relationship to others – the texts reflect how well the teachers got to know him, and take note of places for improvement.

The teachers also organize an event for parents to talk about the assessments, create a place to ask questions to clarify anything. This February his teachers surprised us with a great exercise that I thought I would share with you. They gave us the assignment to write our assessment of our son. It was great to put into writing my thoughts about him – weighing one word against the other, which one would be more beneficial for him to hear? It was difficult to be exact, honest, loving and inspiring at the same time. I think he probably knows all the points I mentioned, but I only say these words which are a less conscious way of communication (at least for me). Putting thoughts into writing has weight – I know he pays close attention to all the words his teachers share with him in his assessment and changes his behavior in cases where they encourage him to improve in something.

This exercise reminded me on some reflective work I have done by writing about myself. In Kundalini Yoga, (as I learned from the book: Kundalini Yoga for the West with the guidance of my teacher from Swami Sivananda Radha’s ashram) establishing a well-grounded self-image is an important part of self-development. These reflections built my self-confidence and fueled my motivation to develop myself further. Let’s turn this exercise over, and write a sort of mid-life (or quarter-life, if you wish) assessment to yourself. Would you join me in this endeavor?

Keep in mind, that a good assessment starts with and strengthens the good qualities while points out places for improvement in an encouraging, supportive way. Imagine that you are your own teacher who is there to help you with guidance and loving attention. Try to cover as many aspects of your life as you can! Here are some questions to consider:


Reread your work. What actions can you take that are based on your self-assessment? What changes do emerge from your words? Acknowledge your work and your growth through this exercise!


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