The strategy changing game

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

There is a game I like to play at trainings – throwing a ball around and the participants need to find the rule of the game. A simple act with much to talk about afterwards – as a training game should be. The message is to be able to change the strategy during the game. If you are not able to solve it with one kind of thinking then try another method. This is a skill that games develop naturally in our childhood and yet in some cases it is quite hard to utilize as an adult.

I call it adaptive, flexible mindset or mere playfulness, and let me share with you some examples where this has served me well:


Now, for you, please think about situations where you feel you are stuck and don’t see the way out.


The moments of self-pity, worry or just simply having the blues can stick us into a situation we loathe being in. I can become a prayer wheel and repeat on and on my misery or misfortune. Yet, there is always another way. Stick your head out of your self-created box and see beyond: what if this was a game I need to solve with another strategy?


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