Being a tourist in my home town

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

First time after almost 8 years, we had one week together with Zoli, my partner, without the kids. A special time, indeed. We live on a tight budget now, so travel was not an option. We decided to pretend to be tourists in our home town. We read lists of restaurants, sightseeing venues, festivals and cultural events beforehand – just as when we are traveling abroad.

I created some rules beforehand: I do not cook, there is no housework at home and we do not use the car. There were some exceptions with driving, but mostly we kept the car in the garage.

What am I like when I am a tourist (really, abroad)?


Looking at the above list, I knew we can do all of this while we stay home, in Budapest. We ate at different restaurants every day (Mexican, Thai, Japanese, Spanish, Indian, Hungarian, vegetarian-Hungarian), mostly ones we have just discovered. We took long walks around our new home and found little shops, trails off the road we have not seen yet. We rented bikes and enjoyed cycling at our own pace (not that of small kids). We found a recently refurbished cute little Turkish bath close by that was pleasantly uncrowded – all tourists coming to Budapest need to try one of the baths, don’t they? All in all, I was content with our week that even provided a surprise discovery of beautiful printed journals imported from Shanghai.


Holidays and travel tend to consume lot of our money and time spent to organize them. It is worth to look at what travelling means to us before embarking on a new journey. Getting to know our part that likes travelling, being a tourist, and know the needs we fulfill by travel we can create holidays that are more tailor-made, thus more enjoyable.


During this week there was song I could not get out of my head, so I think it has its place here: Hello Tourist! Enjoy!


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