Avoid being overwhelmed

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

Maybe you are already overwhelmed. Sorry for that!

You have been reading my posts (thank you!) and maybe find some topics interesting, and even tried to journal for a while. My posts keep coming and you think that the new suggestions, focus areas are also worth trying – but who has so much time? You just started to be more open for change, before you could focus on senses. It is too much, just another area of your life that is overwhelming. I did not mean to do that!

I am no different. I encounter many interesting topics a day, I write, volunteer at the school of my children and at a foundation, do research, read and learn (do housework, spend time with my family, exercise…). And I have a tendency to cram everything into one day, over-plan myself and end up being exhausted and disappointed. Please do not follow! I write about many different topics in order to let you see how many areas you can start focusing on in your life – pick one and stick with it for some time! My readers are from all over the world, so I would like to keep posts varied to address my diverse audience. This does not mean you have to jump from topic to topic and focus on 50 different areas of your life. Please let go of this expectation of yourself!

There were times when I quit journaling even for as long as 6 months. I got fed up with the concentration on everything during the day, I needed a break. So stop, if you feel it as a burden instead of a discovery. Maybe this is not your path of personal development. Maybe you just read the posts and contemplate on the topics, but do not write a word. All is fine. Acknowledge all your efforts.

I don’t write every day either. My journaling now also includes writing these posts since I address topics that arise in my everyday life. I also write about my children, and I write about abundance nowadays. I would say it is 4-5 times a week altogether, sometimes only minutes, sometimes I write for hours. Find your own rhythm!

I discovered that being overwhelmed is often linked to having an ideal in my head or getting to know about a role model – a teacher, a friend, a celebrity or a neighbor. They do something I long to do as well and I try to follow. And in my efforts to be just like them, I forget that I’m a different person. I don’t cook every evening for my children, I bought a dollhouse for my daughter for Christmas instead of making one, I didn’t start a company when I was at home with my small children and don’t exercise every day. I learnt that I have my own priorities and can (most of the time) keep myself from wanting to live somebody else’s life instead of my own. So if you ever wanted to be like me, please discover the beautiful person you are, and be yourself. I’m certain that you are as valuable and important as I am – look at yourself and make a step in appreciating yourself instead of longing to be an ideal or a role model.

I would like to give you a break with this post and I’m not posing any questions. Take a break, do something else then reading and writing. Yesterday, I was so fed up with my over-planned day that I went on a strike – sat down in my living room, put my cat in my lap and petted her for 15 very expensive minutes. I’m very grateful to her that she was in the mood to let me do that.


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