10 reasons I have for writing a journal

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

All my posts are about inspiring you, my readers, to journal with a focus. I have shared my writing experiences with many examples from my life. I would like to devote this post to summarizing my benefits of journaling – and a BIG announcement.

#1 My journal is my book about me, all of my self-knowledge captured.

#2 My journal is my tool for self-development: I can learn about myself through recording my experiences. I can replay happenings and am able to analyze them.

#3 I am building up my own history. My memories are vivid and rich.

#4 My journal provides a feedback loop in my learning. By rereading my words, I notice and next time change behaviors, thought patterns, emotional outbursts.

#5 My consciousness is more alive – I know I would like to write about events afterward, so I am more aware in observing myself.

#6 I am more able to deal with negative experiences. I do not stop at depicting the situation, I also write about lessons learned, understanding gained and plans to do otherwise in the future.

#7 I can see long term progress in my life rather than many individual moments of the past.

#8 My journals land a hand when being stuck in a mindset or a situation by refocusing my attention on something else. This is especially true when I tend to see only the short term phase of a long-term goal or commitment.

#9 I firmly believe that my own experience is my greatest teacher. But only if I work with these experiences (write them down), rethink them, and harvest my key learning points.

#10 I choose my focus for my journals, I give attention to that area of my life – doing so I am actively creating my life.


As I mentioned in June, I have created a printed journal to support you in gaining all the above-mentioned benefits of journaling:

I am proud to announce my webshop with my first product:

My journal store


You can also purchase the journal here: La Nube Cafe (Budapest, XIth district)


This is my first journal and my first webshop. I assume there are plenty of learning points in both endeavors. Please do share your feedback with me here: orsi@orzola.org


Thank you very much for your constant support and encouragement!

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