The prerequisites for learning (part 1)

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

I sat down to write. I am determined to write. But I am tired, my daughter woke me up twice at night and these breaks in my sleeping made my mind be blunt and slow. I thought about leaving the whole thing and do something else, however, this is a great topic to contemplate about, so I try to focus for 30 minutes then I go jogging. Please forgive my grammar mistakes this time.

Writing for me is a learning experience: the exploration of thoughts and feelings, minding language and grammar, bringing up memories, distilling lessons and it also involves a lot of subtraction of lengthy information with no use to readers. And all this learning takes place effortlessly in a nourishing environment. So if I would like to write, I create this environment and watch the wonder as a text emerges.

Here are my prerequisites, the environment for my writing sessions is:

I can make lists of different environments for different learning opportunities (studying for an exam, reading a book, learning to use a new software, etc.), in all cases the quality of my learning (my post in this case) is significantly influenced by my learning environment I created beforehand. If I’m in a good mental, emotional and physical condition, my surrounding is nourishing, learning is happening seamlessly. I take great care in creating cozy, friendly environments at my trainings or coaching sessions because I know I have done half the work already beforehand.


Now explore your learning environments in your journal.

If you are reading my posts, you know I would like to inspire you to write in order to get to know yourself better. It is a self-development course you are doing with me which involves a lot of learning. Pay attention to providing yourself a learning environment that you defined to be the best, most suitable for yourself. Feel the comfort and the heed you gave yourself and enjoy!


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