Prerequisites for learning from experience (part 3)

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

This blog is about learning from experience through writing. I observe my daily life with a focus and then write about it. I have done it for years and I do not question its advantages or its worth. But something that is evident for me, might not be implicit for you. So I try to place myself in your shoes – maybe you have not (yet) had this experience with writing and watching yourself (that being totally alright). Now I go behind the scenes and would like to share with you what my prerequisites are for learning from my own experience.

First of all, I need to declare that there are other sources for my learning (let’s narrow it down now to learning about myself and exclude learning a new language or a tool to use). I read books, blogs, watch videos, I attend trainings, have mentors just to name a few–now I’m not talking about these aspects of learning. This list is a summary of my findings based on my own experiences of my everyday life: from shopping to playing video games from attending a meeting to being at the playground. It has evolved over many years and is not finished. I could also call them beliefs or rather experiences that stood the test of time.


This might sound intense at first, but beware that I developed these sentences over years. I would not like to burden you with coming up with your own list, rather I encourage you to contemplate on these five statements. What do you think of them? Could we start a conversation about them?


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