My life patterns

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

The habit of writing a journal and the frequent rereading of my notes helped me to identify my life patterns. Realizing that I am just about to weave another of the good old fabric of my life enabled me to change patterns I didn’t wish to repeat. A life pattern for me can be inherited or imprinted by parents or a repeated way of decision making. I share with you some of my repetitions and invite you to investigate your life from this aspect.


Now you have a picture of what I talk about when referring to life patterns – anything that is repeatedly happening in your life. Get some paper or a file open and jot down yours.


Try to make a plan if you decide to change something. I have a weekly target and also long term goals to reach with my blog, all of which I come back to daily. This plan (with the great feedback from readers) helps me to stay focused on changing my pattern of “quickly losing heart” and keep my zeal.


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