My dark side

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

Please do not think that I’m a super-conscious person with no bad days, always content with no shades of anger, despair or jealousy. I have my moments of self-doubt, vulnerability and good old ego. I feel embarrassment, am frequently dishonest to myself, I make mistakes. I have my proof: long pages written about these emotions and experiences.

Here is my (brave) list of my other side that I’m able (at this moment) to share with you:


Perfect, impeccable, ideal, the best – concepts quite far from the real world. What I found common in these experiences that I accepted them as part of me. I’m not particularly proud of them, I tend to hide them and rather show the world the sunny side of Orsi, but still I acknowledge that this other side exists. And I use it for my development – to learn my gut reactions and change them if I want to, to understand my ego, my pride, my longing for another life I’m living now. As a puzzle, I put together what Orsi is really like.


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