What is balance for me?

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

As a working mother, work-life balance is a buzz word I hear a lot these days. I like contemplating on words I hear and use often to have my own definition from my own experiences and I invite you to do the same. After my extremes, it is time to look at my balance – if I have one at all.

Balance as in an ideal world is stability, the even distribution. And since we are not living in the ideal world, it is non-existent. Can this notion of balance still be of use in my life? How?


Balancing is frightening for me sometimes because I am doomed to fail, so I rather ignore the issue altogether. But could I live a healthy life without striving for balance, without making assessments, comparisons of money or time spent, without seeing the two (or more) sides of a story? I doubt. In all areas of my life, there is a sort of guiding principle towards an equilibrium: in the usage of time, in efforts towards a goal, in feeling content and the need to improve at the same time. And I needed to learn that these guiding principles vary through time and in different situations. I reevaluate them and see if they are still relevant.

So here are today’s questions for you:

Explore and write your answers. Be specific and give some examples: with the description of the situation, your thoughts and your emotions.


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