The second quarter

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

A lot has happened in the last three months. The moving to a new flat left little time to write, but I still have posts waiting to be published. I enjoy this new mode of working – I can work ahead and then schedule posts for the date I want them to go public. At the same time I miss writing, I only had time to jot down my ideas to explore later.

I started to use twitter. I learned that the daily focus I provide on the site is not working – even for me. I do not check my homepage everyday – so how would I expect anybody else to do it? But twitter is a great tool for this purpose. I post the daily focus in the morning and post my experience about it in the evening. The daily focus is either a question or sentence to be finished. It can be a good starting exercise for you if you have not started with journaling yet, and do not have the habit to write every day. You only need to write 140 characters, but the focus you have given your day enhances your consciousness and you experience the power of reflecting on your day with writing. So follow me  and share your experience of your days.


I also created a 30-day journal challenge if you are willing to put more effort into creating the habit of every day writing. You can download the document containing 30 questions here.


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There was a poll I asked you to participate in about the topic of the first printed journal – thank you for your votes. The result is here:



I just sent the final version of the journal off to print. The journal can be purchased from August here on this site. I am grateful for the support of my friend, a faithful reader, who insisted to make printed journals. The process of developing this journal with a great graphic designer (www.malinovka.hu) was a reward in itself.



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