My challenges with patience

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

I consider myself to be an impatient person. I rush many times through my days and in a lot of projects I wait for results long before they can possibly arrive, and if they delay then I quit. I make the false conclusion that if the results have not arrived already, then this project is not good enough. Looking back at my series of enthusiastic starts and quick ends I decided to change my attitude in this new endeavor and committed to writing posts for at least a year. Please, do cross your fingers for me and give me feedback!

Going a step further to gain motivation from my past experiences to continue, I found areas of my life where I behave differently: I can do yoga poses for years without getting impatient and get up a hundredth time to strive to touch my knees with my nose in a forward bend. So I try to utilize this knowledge and channel it to blogging.

I also learned from Zoli, my partner, that procrastination can bear fruit in some cases. My habitual way of doing things is exerting the needed effort, rushing to finish, then resting exhausted. He, on the other hand, sometimes deliberately puts things off – there are times when this is not the best strategy, but there were numerous times when a little waiting helped to reach a better result.

No need to say that children are excellent teachers of patience. I try to catch myself when I say: “I wish this period would pass…”, because I do not want to rush our time spent together. I would like to be present in their days and not wish for them to be older – they are perfect at this moment, I am the one that needs more patience at times.

There are quite a number of areas where challenges of patience face me daily, how about you?


Be gentle with yourself, if results do not come immediately after this exercise. How about starting by being patient with yourself? It is okay to rush, to demand the outcome you are waiting for, not to accept delay – just reflect on its meaning for you. Can you choose one area where you consciously make the choice to wait instead of acting right away? Observe your experience! What unexpected results did emerge?


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