Exploring senses

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

I was working as an organizational developer and human resources manager at a wine trader company for two years. I was constantly amazed at my colleagues’ ability to differentiate the smells and the tastes in wines from violet to toast from pineapple to chocolate. I was convinced that I will never be able to do the same. I can decide that I like the wine or not, and that is it for me. Then, somebody told me that the sense of taste is a skill as any other – it can be developed. This broke my belief of “I will never…”.

I participated at several wine tasting events and started to concentrate on recognizing the smell or taste that others found in the wine. And, yes, I could! Not everything, one smell or one taste in every wine I tasted, but I proved my belief to be wrong, and enjoyed my new skill. My colleagues also shared with me that sometimes we do not recognize the smell or the taste, rather it invokes a memory in us where we felt it before. There was a smell that I could not guess, but I recalled an event of being sick, eating a coughing candy and smelling it – it was honey.

Our senses are our windows to the world. They send us messages, signs constantly, some of which we are not even aware of. Reaching out for these messages can enrich our lives – as I am more able to enjoy a glass of wine then before. What would be your sense that you would like to develop?

Experiment with this sense for some time and then choose another if you enjoyed. What is your strongest sense? Are you utilizing this skill anywhere in your life?


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