Would you do me a favor?

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

Some quick updates:

Besides writing posts (and moving), I started to tweet every day a focus to pay attention to. Check it out: www.twitter.com/orzolajournal.

My next plan is to make a printed journal. Actually, several types, all with different focus to support you in looking deeply into that area of your life. But for now, as a start and a trial, I settled for one type, and the topic of the first printed journal of orzola.org will be decided by you, my most faithful readers.

Please click on the link below and vote (only one click)! What topic would you like the first printed journal of orzola.org to have?

The first printed journal vote

As my thank you for your contribution, I will send you a free copy of the journal right after they are ready. So please include your postal address on the form above. Please note that I only accept votes until May 28, Thursday midnight.



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