What do I want to know about myself?

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

What a great question! Is there anything I do not know already?

Well, the model of the Johari window says there will always be a part of ourselves that is hidden (called unknown and blind spot), yet (or maybe never) to be revealed. I tend to agree with this – how about you? From day to day I find new insights of how I behave or react and that makes me even more eager to experiment with new situations. But that is me, and in many ways I am fanatic (a fact confirmed by friends).

There are plenty of topics to start focusing on and writing about on this site, but now I would like to address the basic or the foundation of a person. Maybe you have not yet considered devoting time to this part of yourself – which you can call your core, your inside, your innate self, or anything else you find more suitable – so let’s see what happens if you try. These fundamentals are more constant then your taste of food, yet can evolve together with your development.

• Who am I?
• What makes my life worth living?
• What is the purpose of my life?
• What is my mission?
• What are my values?
• What are my guiding principles?

Tough ones at first. I first thought they are too general, too vague, too big. Many sayings, proverbs, religious teachings or quotes of famous people can come to mind contemplating about them – that are essential wisdom but are not my words of my own experience.

I remember first I avoided really answering these questions by writing nonsense or trivial words I heard somewhere. You might also feel resistance to answering or do not have a clue what to write or your answers do not seem satisfactory, then try these:

• Imagine you are interviewing your future self with these questions and write down your answers.
• Imagine your best friend is talking about you, introducing you to people at a party / company / training, anywhere else where you can put yourself in the situation. What would she / he say about you?


Is it easier this way? Can you come up with answers to all of them? Which one is the most difficult to tackle?


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