I was told I am strong – but thanks to you, my dear friend!

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

Years ago I got a present from my best friend, a painted pebble symbolizing strength. She told that this is the quality that comes to her mind when she thinks of me. I have not regarded myself strong beforehand, but her feedback placed a new piece into the puzzle of my self-image.

And oh, yes, you might have guessed, I am about to analyze my friend relationships a bit. I recall the first time I truly looked at my relationship with a friend: it was at a college project where we worked together. I realized that we have different roles we play in the relationship. I was unaware of this before, exploring another shade of my life: the roles I play in friendships. Now it is your turn if you accept my invitation to investigate your friend relationships. Choose one friend you think about when you answer the questions. (You might answer them more than once choosing other friends as well.)


When I am busy I have a tendency to take friends for granted. They were and are there, so they will be in the future as well. I lost contact to friends with this kind of thinking. So to keep in mind that this story has two sides, as a closure:


I already knew that my friends are major building blocks in my life. My exploration also revealed that qualities my friends see and like in me are reflections: our relationship makes me strong, supportive and brave.


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