What if I was a popular blogger…

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

I started to write posts for my blog 3 months before launching it. I wrote more than 50. Meanwhile, I played the game of pretending to have thousands of readers who constantly send me feedback, find my posts inspiring to start with focused writing and I also make a fair income from my work. It was a trick I did to my mind, I imagined the desired outcome and acted upon it, some of my posts even include my vast and varied audience.

3 months passed since I first made my posts public. The number of my readers is a dozen, mostly friends. I have to admit that I got discouraged some times in the last months because my images were so vivid about being a famous and successful writer and I do not see it happening. I thought that people will spread the word, and there will be thousands following in weeks. The mental support I got from imagining “what if I am already there” turned to disappointment when the result did not reach my imaged state.

Was it useful to play this game? Will it result in quitting the whole thing altogether? No, but it could have – sticking to the ideal outcome imagined beforehand can crush the fragile motivation of a new endeavor. I have made a commitment to continue to write for at least a year, and I am determined to stick to that (I still have 40 posts piled up waiting to go public). I consider my imagination still to be a great tool to move me ahead. But I paused, and summarized my learning points:


Have you ever experienced the power of “what if”?


Apart from my wishful thinking to become a writer, exactly this dozen of my friends gave me energy and motivation to continue with my writing. And my goal to inspire at least one person with my posts to start writing is already accomplished. Honestly, I am content, and will be content at the end of this year regardless of the number of followers. Thank you.


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