Living without (part 3)

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

I suppose I have a flexible mindset with regard to moving to a new home. Packing is cumbersome, but I actually enjoy looking over all our stuff and getting rid of things we have not used for over a year. (I have boxes of kids’ drawings, handicrafts and scratch books of photos to keep memories, though.) Too much stuff wears me down, I like to keep our home spacious and simple. (It is also much easier to keep neat and tidy with small kids.)

I observed that we (and our needs) have changed much over the years and moving provides an opportunity to follow-up the change in our surroundings as well. First, my children had a bunk bed in a tiny bedroom – they were 1 and 3. Then they had a bigger room where we kept the bunk bed so there is space enough for a swing (2 and 4). They wished to have their own rooms by 4 and 6, so we asked our carpenter to make two beds out of the bunk bed. To our carpenter’s delight, now they move back again to a common room, and they will have loft beds. The transformation of their beds (different legs with the same lying surfaces) is quite symbolic for me: objects surrounding us need to follow the change in us.

I wrote a pro and con list about our new flat. Making the list made me realize that one of the most attractive factor of our new home for me is trying out ourselves in a new environment. Smaller flat, new neighbors, new neighborhood, downtown instead of the suburbs: all these changes will affect our lifestyle and I am quite sure for the positive.

Have you ever wondered why you live where you live? What choices have led you to your home? The following questions might help in discovering your relationship to your home.


My flexible mindset allowed us to live close to our workplaces so we do not waste time on commuting, to choose the school we thought is the best for our children and not settle with the closest one. We had an opportunity to try gardening for the first time in my life which proved to be a new hobby I would like to keep. We experienced the suburban lifestyle, but now vote for a life with much less driving. I am not able to foretell where we will live in a year, but I am sure that it will be closest to our future needs and chosen lifestyle whatever they might be. I am living without limitations or expectations about our future homes.


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