Walking the road and what happens after the finishing line? (part 5)

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

You have explored the inner and outer environment of your goal and have a list of your alternatives or possible routes you can walk to fulfill it. Now comes the work, or energy investment if you prefer: have a plan and a daily routine – start walking the road.

Although planning can be helpful in this process, but it is not everything. Your plan need not be very detailed – many times thorough planning takes up too much energy and there is little left to actually make something happen. Your obstructive self-talk can also hinder you by questioning all the steps you set out to take. So your plan is a loose series of steps you can start doing today. And every step has its own result – you can easily check afterwards whether you accomplished it or not. Having said that, on the other hand, planning can be important in your feedback cycle – the planned steps are in front of you and you can easily write down your experiences with them. Some questions for feedback:

I found daily routines to be the most helpful in creating long term changes in my life. Try to identify one thing (flossing, meditating for two minutes, work out for 5 minutes, eating one fruit, learning 5 new words, etc.) that you can do every day. It should be small and connected to your goal: what can I do today to get closer to my goal? Plan the time when you would do it – but be flexible and understanding with yourself, of course, there are days when you cannot make it. I am quite strict with myself on weekdays, and do yoga or jog in the morning, but weekends I like sleeping in and move my exercise to the afternoon (or not do it at all). I found that I need loose, unplanned times, too, in order to keep myself disciplined for most of the days. But this is my experience and my learning, if getting out of the habits is obstructive to you, then keep it up!


A little later…

You have reached your goal! Congratulations! Read your sentences about what it feels like to be at this point! It might be different, but essentially you already captured this feeling days / weeks / months earlier.

What is left to do now? Making conscious efforts to changing our life needs concentration and energy. Please give yourself some resting time before setting out to reach another goal. Recover, recharge and reflect on your experiences. In yoga, relaxation is just as important as stretching. Be loving of yourself and accept that there are active and passive times as well. Giving time to let the experiences sink in will have long term benefits.

Also, make sure to celebrate! Give yourself a gift, go out with friends, or do what you wish – let yourself know that you have accomplished something great and you are worth to be celebrated. It is your affirmative, positive feedback which we tend to forget to give ourselves. If it feels awkward, imagine that you are giving feedback to someone you love and imagine what you would do in this case. Practice praising yourself for that is your fuel for the next goal you are to reach.


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