Starting the work – environmental check (part 4)

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

You have your goal – it is solid and inspiring. Now we go from inside out, to our environment – looking around for resources, support, obstacles and all the possible alternatives. The following questions are each very important, so please take time and answer all of them.

Exploring your resources can burst your energies to taking those first steps.

Support might be present in our lives, but we can also ask for it. For example, I have a group of friends (among them good English speakers) pre-reading my posts before I publish them. I asked them to help me, and I was really honored they said yes.

Everything is an obstacle that prevents you from reaching your goal right now.

If it is appropriate, finish these sentences:

Now brainstorm and list all the possible alternatives of reaching your goal!


This exercise is powerful, make sure to mark for yourself your learning points! Sit back, and look what you have done for yourself! WOW, can you wait to start? No? Then go and take the first step! As always, write down what happened.


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