Is this the right goal I am working on? (part 3)

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

Setting the right goal is the most important step in this process, so we double check whether it is appropriately formed with the right words.

Let’s play and suppose you have already reached your goal, imagine you have succeeded, you are there where you wanted to be. Put yourself in the situation desired, if it helps, close your eyes, really live in that moment and describe what is happening. All of your senses are active, you see, hear, touch, smell and even taste the goal fulfilled.

How does it feel?

Try to write for each question your answer. Let your imagination guide you, describe the pictures in your head in your journal. In this exercise, the longing for this goal arises, you want to rush to make it your reality.

It is okay, if you do not feel this happening, go back to the previous exercise and choose another goal. The aim here is to move all the efforts of your mind, your imagination, and your feelings to commit working on your goal. You feel empowered to reach it and see that all obstacles can be overcome. Your goal is a powerful sentence. Do not worry in case it takes longer, you will find it! Maybe you have to contemplate on it some more (look at the signs of your environment, the messages of people around these days) or target another area of life. Give yourself a break if it is not happening, but come back in some time and give it a try again.



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