How can I share the writing experience with children who cannot write?

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

I am a mother of two children who do not write fluently. So I challenge myself in exploring other ways to support them in learning about themselves. It is important to note that spending time with my children is first of all fun and oblivious, and I do not want them to feel that mom is training them constantly with something. I would like them to feel accepted as they are and not pushed to learn something every second (which they do anyways and do not need me for that). Meanwhile, I also look for opportunities to share with them my knowledge – and balancing between these two is the learning experience for me.

Some things I already tried (some of them did and some did not work, of course, depending on their enthusiasm):

I try not to be too much for them, and if I am honest with myself that is the hardest. Following their change along places second – sometimes I feel they have already passed a phase I just got used to.


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