Being idle is scary…

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

At least for me now: I am not doing anything, then I am not productive, I do not earn money, then maybe I am even not worth anything. Only scamps do nothing – so I soon become one of them if I decide to do nothing. Everyone around me is so busy, what will they think if I tell them I do nothing? What would be my next sentence after “I quit my job”? What justification can I patch up to account for my being home? An active, educated, career-motivated woman, as I regard myself, can accept and live with being supported by her husband?

Quitting my job and spending time home gave me these great questions that reflect my beliefs and fears I would like to address now. My first reaction after I was not going to the office anymore was to head those chores at home I put up for a long time. Then came volunteering for the school of my children and a foundation I have been following for a while. Meanwhile I was writing my posts, that gave some justification, but I soon learned that it was not enough. I started to look at job ads. Hey, wait a minute! I wanted to be home, I wanted to have some time for myself, so why am I doing this?

If you are frequently busy, and being idle is just as repulsive for you as it is for me, then it is the time you play with it a little. Get to know your part that longs for inaction, that needs a little passivity and harvest your learning of your experience.


As I mentioned before, yoga taught me that every stretch needs its relaxing counterpart. Having nothing to do created space and time for something new to emerge. Something laying idle in me for a while that now could awaken. It was worth it.


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