3 months passed: FAQ and feedback

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

The first three months of my blogging experience has just passed. I am amazed how much public writing enriched my life, and yes, I am also proud to have you as my readers. I am very grateful for the feedback many of you have given, I would like to address some questions here.


If you would like to invite someone to read my posts, I have created a start page for new readers. It has some topic offers, and also a suggested order for reading the first couple of posts to gain a general understanding of focused writing.


I have received some questions concerning the lack of comments. I decided not to include a comment section on the blog because I am an advocate for mindful writing and not impulsive writing what comments tend to be. However, I understand the need of some readers to share their experiences, so I will create a page for your stories. If you have some great findings by focused writing that you are eager to share with others, please send it to me: orsi@orzola.org. (The stories will be anonymous and I reserve the right to edit them with your consent).

Daily focus

Since the beginning, the page offers a different daily focus for each day. The daily focus is not included in emails or RSS you subscribed to because I do not want to load you with too much information. However, if you make orzola.org your start page in your browser then you can see the daily focus every day you open it.

Technical questions of writing

Some of you are concerned with the method of writing. The easiest way is to open a notebook (I prefer plain pages over lineal ones, here I can also draw and make mindmaps if I wish) and start, but I understand if you are not into handwriting. Then try opening a document and write there. Digital writing has its advantages: later you can search the text, insert images, links or even videos, capturing your experience on a different level. I am also experimenting with different software, my newest finding is 750words.com that adds special feedback to my writings (graphs and stats of frequently used words, mindset, time orientation and more). After 30 days of free trial, it costs 5$ per month.

The most popular posts so far

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Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts with me. Your feedback is essential for my motivation to move this site to a next level.


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