Writing an abundance journal

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

I quit my job a couple months ago. I was working as an organizational developer and human resources manager at a great company, unique in Hungary with awesome colleagues, but still, I needed to change.

I quit and did not start searching for another job because I wanted to start writing this blog, I needed the time to be home, alone. This also meant that I would not have a salary (I was well-paid before) for months – a scary thought indeed. Although my partner’s income is sufficient for our living, I was used to having a higher budget, a more care-free life. And that was gone, I need to pay more attention to our spending, and my worry started to grow: What if I will not have any income from my blog? What if I will not find another job when I need to? What if we encounter an unexpected expense that we cannot afford?

This self-talk increased over the weeks so I decided to do something about it. I recalled my experienced with my joy-journal: I was writing it for months and I got into the habit of recognizing all joys in my life. I am not writing specifically my daily joys any more, but my journals include them automatically. The cure for the fear of lacking money (which all my worry was about) is shifting my attention to abundance already in my life.

If you encounter the same worries, or feel the lack of something (money, love, acknowledgement, health, joy, time), then I invite you to join my next exercise and substitute abundance for your theme.


After answering those questions, commit for a couple of days to make notes about abundance encountered in your life. If necessary, come back to your definition and complete it with your experiences. If you notice abundance, then it exists! Your writing will be your proof and your fuel for future’s endeavors.

I have been making notes about abundance in my days for two months now. Worry still creeps in my mind, but has lessened much in its effect. I enjoy the days I can afford now to spend with my kids and cherish the writing moments I have when I am alone.


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