Talking to my future self

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

I once had a dream about myself being an old lady talking to someone who was very close to me a while ago. The dream was about that we both shared with each other our lives. Our lives were coming to an end and we summarized – probably more for ourselves than for the other.

This dream has been a lighthouse since then. The lighthouse shows me where I would like to steer the ship of my life and helps me make decisions. By talking to my future self I am able to create changes in my life I wish to have. I was more career focused before – this slowly shifted towards family and children. I was more ownership focused – now I practice the concept of living with less. I gave a hard time to my mom in our relationship – now I try to be more considerate with her. And the list could go on. I have the picture of myself as an old lady and imagine the memories she has – or rather I would like her to have.

You can do the same: play with this idea of talking to your future self. Listen to what she / he has to say. Make an interview and ask questions. Or imagine that you have found her / his diary and start reading. Pick a game and play along – here are some possible question you can pose.


When I woke up – I remember I continued the dream daydreaming all the wonderful experiences I wish to have. And the most important wishes have already come true.

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