Ever wondered what coaching is like? (part 1)

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

Looking over my life in every stage I had somebody who believed in me. A teacher, a friend, a love, a mentor – someone who thought I can become more than I am at that point and gave me support, attention and resources to grow. My motivation for writing publicly is to share my experiences and make them available to anyone willing to grow – to give you my support, my attention and writing as a resource.

Working as a coach and trainer I have the same motivation. Clients and participants have the desire to change and I enjoy, which rather is an understatement, actually that is the flow in my life, supporting them in their efforts and watching their development. Now I would like to start a series about a possible self-coaching process, and see whether it works for you or not. And as always, writing will be your tool and I really appreciate if you share with me your experiences.

The definition of coaching given by Katalin Hankovszky I really like: to comfortably take an important person from her / his present position to a place she / he would like to go or be. Coaching has a goal (where I want to go or be from my present position) and it is a comfortable process guided by questions. The coach is there to make sure there is a goal, poses the questions, and is taking care of the process. I believe if you have the determination to change and the questions to guide you, then you can coach yourself – your coach will be your written words in this case.

There are many areas in your life where you would like to see change happening:  relationships, finances, look, career, just to name a few. As a first step, identify the area where you long for things to change. Here are a couple of questions that might help you:


Contemplate on one or more of these questions. Make time for writing, come back to it for a couple of days. Commit to making a break in your day that you devote to this work. There is no rush and no good or bad answer. It is about you, your life and your change. No one knows better than you and no one will judge you for it. Be honest and supportive of yourself.


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