Observing my speech

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

I talk a lot. I like talking. Sometimes I think I need talking – to ventilate to ease stress, to share so I am not alone, to show my own importance. I need to stay focused to truly listen – because I can start talking inside or interrupt before the other one finishes. I can be reckless in my speech and hurt people unintentionally. I gossip and feel bad about it afterwards. So there are plenty of learning points for me in watching my speech.

What I did learn already is being conscious about the way I talk about myself and my loved ones. I refer to myself with loving, supportive and kind words, and I am trying to do the same with my children, my partner, my friends. I learned that my speech has power over how I feel – so I deliberately choose positive sentences when I talk about my look, my plans, my skills. And I know that I can influence my children with my words – they regard themselves lazy or annoying if I label them with these words.

Now I would like to ask you to observe your speech for a couple of days and make notes about your words. For a start, choose one focus and write. Read your notes, become aware of your learning points and then choose another – if you would like to experiment some more.


Do not give up if you cannot make changes. Just watch and listen to yourself. Your speech will reveal the areas of your life where you encounter joy, fulfilment, fear or hardship. You change by listening. You become more conscious and gain understanding of the power of speech. And that is a very important step. Celebrate with complimenting yourself!


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