Healing relationships – journaling about emotions (part 3)

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

We worked with assumptions, expectations and beliefs to consciously change our way of thinking. With the tool of focused writing, you can master these thoughts by reflecting upon them. Of course, the old ones creep back every once in a while and we fall back to our old ways of thinking, but our awareness is rising even by catching those moments when we fail.

The other great realm of possible changes are our emotions: focusing on journaling about emotions. You might say that emotions just come and go and you cannot do anything about them. You can still observe them, right? I am angry – you can write these words when (or after) you feel angry. I am angry because my boss gave me a hard time at the meeting – you can write these as well. You can commit yourself to watch them and makes notes. When do you tend to become angry? Can you identify the trigger? Is it a person, a situation, an object or the weather?

You might also nurture positive emotions. I encourage you to choose those emotions that you would like to enhance in your life and write about them for a while. For months I was writing a joy-journal – I concentrated and listed all the things that brought me happiness on that day. Now I have other focuses, but those months’ experience still shape the way I look at my days.

You can remind yourself of positive emotions by making a list about them:

Writing these lists once is awesome, but if you would like to push yourself a little bit then commit to come back to them every day for a week and add new items.


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