What would my guidebook about myself say?

Post written by Orsolya Hernold

First I was thinking to start a series about relationships – a huge topic, since everyone has many relationships and many of us have challenges in those. Writing down what is happening, from situations to dialogues, from feelings to self-talk can change relationships and show ways of coping and problem-solving.

But it is not the starting point for me, because I rather start from inside out, first with inquiring about myself and then go out and explore my surroundings. So let’s explore first the person who is writing and then turn to interactions with others.

You have spent your whole life with this person (yourself), but do you really know her/him? You can write a resume, but can you write a guidebook about yourself for your partner or a colleague?

I suggest some areas to start and then I will go deeper in them in later posts. Feel free to have your own questions – what do you want to know about yourself? These answers can be lists or you can write sentences. Writing about yourself in first person in a sentence is more powerful.

I suggest to choose one and elaborate. Come back to it another day and see if you have missed something. Work on it until it feels right, then choose another one. The answers to these questions are powerful findings about yourself – so have a distinct place for them. I use the beginning or the end of my notebook for this purpose, because then it is simpler to come back to them. Or put sticky notes on your desktop (paper or digital, as you prefer). Also note that they can change over time – and that is okay. Enjoy rereading for example your values of last year and notice what has stayed and what does not make the list any more.

What other questions did you find useful?


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