Harvest the benefits of journaling

benefits of journaling

Journaling creates a conscious, mindful presence by paying attention to your life.

I’m Orsi and here you find 4 ways I help you create the journaling habit and learn how to journal so you can harvest the benefits of writing.


benefits of journaling

1. Would you like to start writing, but lack topics to journal about?

Browse my posts in 10 categories and you will find powerful questions, writing prompts at the end of each post. Read and then start writing—learn how to journal with a focus.

online journaling course

2. You’ve already tried to journal but the habit just wouldn’t stick. Maybe you need some guidance?

Check out my free, online journaling courses (you’ll find reviews, too). We dive into a specific topic for 7 weeks, you will receive 49 questions altogether. Sign-up here so you won’t miss the next course.


relationship-journal3. You’ve already bought a dozen of beautiful journals, but keep staring at the blank pages?

I have created themed journals that last for 7 weeks and each page has a question on top of it. The journal is created exactly to be the tool you need for keeping the writing habit.


benefits of journaling4. You are curious how a journaling coach uses writing to support a coaching session?

Writing is creating. In a coaching session, you commit to change something in your life—writing can amplify your commitment and ease the change. Write me if you’re interested.

Highlights and more on journaling

benefits of journaling


Join this Facebook group for interacting with like-minded people. We share experiences, support each other and there is a writing prompt every Friday. There are disagreements, too, that makes it very lively and valuable.





My series for beginners




I love this interview—great questions and a thorough explanation of my journaling method

My publications elsewhere

Finally, my confession (and justification of my laziness) about why I haven’t written a self-help book.

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